Monday, November 28

Defect Discount

Hey Everyone,
Our Black Friday sale went pretty well. We sold a couple of shirts and cleared out our inventory even more. Sorry for the confusion regarding the discount code in the very beginning. We're still not exactly sure what went wrong, but I can assure you all it won't happen again. Thanks to everyone who took the time to purchase a shirt, it is much appreciated. I hope the discount helped! For those who were planning on buying and didn't have the time not to worry. We're planning on having a sale that will last all through December!

At the moment we have a few, somewhat altered, tanks. We made these shirts way back in March and hadn't planned on selling them since they're a bit different from our signature cut. The straps are thinner and they're a bit more revealing. I personally like and wear these tanks much more, but they're not for everyone. I would suggest them to anyone who is comfortable with their body and showing a little bit more skin. They're perfect to wear with a bandeau, bra, or nothing underneath; for guys and girls. Since they are slightly different from our signature tanks we're willing to give you all $15 off. So they would come out to a total of $20 plus $7 shipping. Take a look and see if your shirt and size are available. xo once youth~

 American Blood (Medium) SOLD!


Friday, November 25

Black Friday Sale

Once Youth holds its very first Black Friday sale! A little something to celebrate the holiday season. After wrapping up Thanksgiving and beginning to shop for Christmas & Hanukkah gifts the sale comes at the perfect time. All once youth products, tees and tanks, are now 40% off. This is the biggest discount we've ever given! Simply add your favorite shirt to the cart and click checkout. Then add the promotional code: oyfriday and the 40% discount will be calculate in. The sale lasts for one day only, BLACK FRIDAY! So hurry before the sale ends. Happy Shopping~
Once Youth

Monday, November 21

Upcoming Sale

So as you all know Once Youth is holding a sale sometime this week. I wanted the date to be a surprise, but Asia insisted I tell you all now so you have a heads up. All merchandise will be marked down for one day only, Black Friday. We couldn't let the biggest shopping day of the year happen without giving out amazing supporters a big discount. It's not an enormous percentage off, but it makes a substantial difference to the total cost. Since we're nearing the end of the year we're trying to sell off all of our remaining 2011 merchandise, which we will most likely not restock. We have to make room for our new products and be able to expand and grow as a company. So if you want to get any Once Youth products for yourself, a friend, family member, or loved one now is the time. All items are nearly sold out and if your size is available it's probably the last one left. A big thanks to everyone for making this dream of ours a reality. 
Much love from us at Once Youth!

P.S. We just sold our very last black American Blood tank! They're goin' fast!

Wednesday, November 16

once youth cult

Dear tumblr folk,
We've started a strictly once youth tumblr featuring all photos relating to our brand! There are photos from editorials, outfit posts, bloggers, behind the scenes, and of course you guys. It's kind of like one massive once youth collage. Feel free to submit any photos of you in OY or any photos you just happen to come across on the net. Get connected, and be featured on our ever-growing once youth tumblr. Check it out, there's bound to be some photos you haven't seen yet!

P.S. Our biggest sale of the year is coming right in time for the holiday season! 
Get ready for a major discount on your favorite once youth products!

Saturday, November 12

..~::*outift post*::~..

Canon AE-1 | Once Youth American Blood tank | Horn-rimmed tortoise Ray Bans
Ralph Lauren perfume | Wildflower guide | Vintage leather purse
Vintage equestrian boots | Native American leather belt | Vintage denim shorts

Sorry for the lack of  posts and pictures lately, Asia and I have been so incredibly busy working on our new collection and a few other things, which have to remain unnamed. We're going to start getting back into the groove of things and be really active online. I need to find some more models to shoot and Asia needs to work on whatever she works on.....hahaha! She's got the website looking much better, it's still undergoing a few changes but for the moment I think it looks great. There is a sale coming up later in the month so keep an eye out for that. And be sure to like our facebook page and follow us on twitter for the latest once youth news.
Thanks everyone. ~Evan

Monday, November 7

Grieves & Budo

Last week I got the chance to meet rap/hip hop guru Benjamin Laub, aka GRIEVES, in Santa Barbara! Bobby and I are huge fans, so I bought tickets to see him perform while he was in town. He creates some of the most brilliant music out there. It's a little bit of rap, hip hop, jazz, and soul all rolled into one.

Grieves and his co-artist Budo had a show at Velvet Jones in SB on the 22nd of October. Oddly enough I got the dates mixed up and we actually showed up a day early! Which was a total bummer, because Bobby had work the next day. So we had to drive all the way to Los Angeles and back before the show. Luckily Evan was home so we were able to get a ton of work accomplished during our short day trip.

Finally it was time for Grieves and Budo to perform and we couldn't of have more excited. They killed the show! They are so unbelievably talented it's nuts. Velvet Jones is a smaller venue, so it made the concert feel really intimate. I could tell that the whole audience felt connected to them while they performed.It was an incredible atmosphere and I'm lucky I was able to get tickets! So glad I could go out and support one of my favorite artists!

After the show, Grieves and Budo came out to meet and greet all of their fans. We waited patiently as the last ones in line to take pictures. I gave each of them a Once Youth shirt, which they thanked me for as we exchanged hugs. Grieves even said to me, "Oh, I'll rock the shit out of that skull!"

We're keeping an eye out for Grieves in that Lace Skull and Budo in the American Blood! It was a fantastic night and one of the best concerts of my life!
xoxo Asia

Wednesday, November 2

Happy Halloween

It always seems like October goes by so fast! Halloween came and went before I even noticed. I wasn't even able to put up my Halloween decorations. Although, me and a couple of friends managed to make time for some good old fashioned pumpkin carvings. In my opinion we created some pretty nifty pumpkins!!