Monday, November 28

Defect Discount

Hey Everyone,
Our Black Friday sale went pretty well. We sold a couple of shirts and cleared out our inventory even more. Sorry for the confusion regarding the discount code in the very beginning. We're still not exactly sure what went wrong, but I can assure you all it won't happen again. Thanks to everyone who took the time to purchase a shirt, it is much appreciated. I hope the discount helped! For those who were planning on buying and didn't have the time not to worry. We're planning on having a sale that will last all through December!

At the moment we have a few, somewhat altered, tanks. We made these shirts way back in March and hadn't planned on selling them since they're a bit different from our signature cut. The straps are thinner and they're a bit more revealing. I personally like and wear these tanks much more, but they're not for everyone. I would suggest them to anyone who is comfortable with their body and showing a little bit more skin. They're perfect to wear with a bandeau, bra, or nothing underneath; for guys and girls. Since they are slightly different from our signature tanks we're willing to give you all $15 off. So they would come out to a total of $20 plus $7 shipping. Take a look and see if your shirt and size are available. xo once youth~

 American Blood (Medium) SOLD!

 Lace Skull (Medium)  SOLD!
 Shark Cross (Medium & Large)
 Cheetah Laurel (Medium)
 Classick (Medium)

As for this little dude, it got scolded by the iron. This is why you're not supposed to iron on the print of your once youth t-shirt/tank. Anyways we're giving $20 off on this shirt. So the total cost would come out to be $15 plus $7 shipping.
I think it is well worth it since we are completely sold out of the black lace skull tank!
Black Lace Skull (Medium) SOLD!

The way to purchase your tank is through paypal. Enter our email ( in the 'to' box. Then enter the amount of the shirt, plus $7 shipping. And click send. Also feel free to send us an email regarding your order. It's pretty simple. When we receive the payment we'll ship our your tank! Thanks everyone!!

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