Wednesday, August 31

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The punk way to wear a Once Youth tank.
Vintage studded leather jacket | Checkered button-up | Once Youth American blood tank
Black creepers by TUK | Black skinny jeans
Spiked leather bracelet | metallic tooth necklace

Tuesday, August 30

Remaining Summer

Asia returned to college this past weekend leaving me by my lonesome. Her boyfriend Bobby and I dropped her off at her new house in the hills of Santa Barbara. It's a pretty swanky place, three stories with a wine cellar and jacuzzi. I already know I'll be up there for a majority of my weekends! Anyways it's pretty boring around my house now. There's no one to spend hours working on the computer with. No one to watch The Hard Times of RJ Berger  till 4am with.  But I've scheduled a few photo shoots this week so hopefully they pull through. Here are a few things I plan to occupy myself with for the remaining week summer.

DIY once youth muscle shirts | movie marathons | shades/crackberry
The Scarlet Letter | paintbrushes | studs and spikes
Canon AE-1 | Photoshop CS3 | DIY spiked Dr. Martens
Since Asia's no long here and I start school in a week it might be a bit more challenging running the company. It won't be easy brainstorming about the next steps we have to take to further the company. Now I have to call her which is literally the biggest pain ever. She never answers her phone! But I'll still be able to do blog posts a couple times a week. It just sucks since Once Youth is no longer my only focus like it has been for the past 3 months. I will try my hardest to keep everything interesting and upload photos on a weekly basis. Although I have a feeling most of them will be outfit posts since they're easy! ha!

And I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to read our blog. I put a lot of time and effort into these posts and it's nice that people actually read them. I'm still trying to figure out how to get more blogger followers, but I realize not too many people have google accounts. Anyways big love everyone, you're all great! 

Monday, August 29

Tumblr Giveaway

Once Youth is having yet another giveaway, but this time for all of those tumblr kids! 
The winner will receive a shark cross tank. We just like givin' stuff out.
Simple rules:
3. Reblog this post- HERE

The giveaway will go on for exactly one week. We'll randomly select one winner from the notes on the post.
Good luck to all!

Sunday, August 28

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The classic way to wear a Once Youth tank.
Any girl can rock this look. Simple, chic, and a tad bit edgy. 

70's oversized sunnies | Chanel classic 2.55 handbag | Once Youth lace skull tank
YSL eye make-up | Chanel blush | Blackberry | U.S. Passport
Lolita creepers by TUK | Vintage denim shorts

Friday, August 26

KITTEN the band

My good friend Chloe is the lead singer of this phenomenal band, KITTEN. She's only 16 and has managed to sign with a major record label and tour in the UK! They've already released their EP on itunes and are currently working on their next album. I'm so excited to hear their new music since I've overplayed their old stuff. Honestly, Kitten is one of my favorite bands. Chloe asked me to shoot some photos of the band hanging around their recording studio. I was honored and of course accepted. Everyone was pretty chill as I circled trying to find the perfect shots. I got 22 good frames off of a 24 exp. roll, which is pretty damn good. I think the photos really capture the mood and essence of the band. Hopefully I'll get to shoot them again for bigger and better things. Go and buy Kitten's brilliant EP Sunday School on iTunes!
once youth's american blood t-shirt
Like Kitten on Facebook and view the rest of the photos I shot!

Wednesday, August 24

Arielle & Chantilly Noir

Late Tuesday night Asia, Dani, and I set out an unexpectedly long night photoshoot. We shot an old friend, Arielle. Her long jet black hair and big pale blue eyes made her a perfect model for Once Youth. She wore the black lace skull tank complimented by a fantastic Chantilly Noir headpiece. We planned to shoot in the Woodlawn Cemetery, but to our dismay the hole in the fence had been repaired and the grounds keeper was still awake. So we just shot in the local area around Santa Monica and eventually headed to Westwood. We ended the shoot on Sepulveda blvd. around 12:30am. A pretty exhausting shoot, but we're happy with the end results.
See the rest of the photos HERE.

 For inquiries on how to get a custom made chantilly noir headpiece email Arielle at They will also be available shortly on her online store: CHANTILLYNOIR

Saturday, August 20

oy! kids

Once youth introduces our new album oy! kids. It's another collective, but a completely digital one. These are all of the extra photos Asia and I have taken during our photoshoots on our nikon. These photos are a back-up just in case anything goes wrong with the film. Sometimes these pictures actually turn out better than the film! We'll continue adding digital photos and making this album as good as the others! View the complete album here: Oy! Kids.

Thursday, August 18

Once Youth T-Shirts

 Once Youth has been working tirelessly on our new products for fall. We've been quite successful with selling our summer tank tops. There are only a couple left so if you wanted to get one get it before it's too late. We may not restock in these styles ever again! For those who have been asking us for t-shirts they're finally here! Simple, clean, affordable, and not so revealing. These shirts are perfect for every occasion/event. Anyone and everyone can rock these tees. Hurry and get a once youth design on the classic t-shirt silhouette for fall/winter!

Monday, August 15

Periwinkle Scum

Mia. This girl is so amazing and I'm so lucky to have a friend like her in my life. She's one of the few friends I have that actually supports what I'm doing and tries to help in any way she can. She's always willing to go on long photoshoots with me, which she always kills, and help out with other social media. Her japanese and white skin mixed with her ever-changing flamboyant hair makes for the perfect subject. Mia has also recently become sober and I'm so proud of her, she's really turning her life around for the better. So far she's been in two of our albums and is soon to be featured in our third.We'll be releasing some new and old photos soon so keep an eye out!

Zombie Walk

Saturday night I hit the streets of hollywood with my good friend Vanessa. We thought it would be cool if once youth attended the so cal zombie walk 2011 so we did. We walked with a massive crowd of zombie fanatics, a bit odd but still fun. People went all out...I saw 70 year old women dressed as zombie doctors and I even saw a fat zombie princess Leah. I also gave away some free shirts to those I thought were worthy! I wore a DIY once youth muscle tank. I cut it from a regular lace skull tee which will be available to the public within the next few weeks! The socal zombie walk 2011 was a blast, and I'm definitely going to attend next year.

Saturday, August 13

Day Kids

I recently shot a duo for our album "day kids". It was a ton of fun and I'm so glad I had such great models. We ventured through the mountains and shot in various locations, quite fun. I hadn't shot during the day for some time due to our newest album "night kids". We've been focusing more on the edgier side of once youth, but I remembered that our tanks can and should be worn by everyone. I will continue shooting for the day kids album and make it more exciting. I've scheduled a few photoshoots for this upcoming week so get ready to see some killer photographs!

Wednesday, August 10

Strawberry Freckleface Giveaway

Once Youth teams up with another great blogger, Casey (Strawberry Freckleface). Casey completely rocked the gray lace skull tank, which we knew she would. She styled it with tribal jewelry which gave it a much more native look. We decided to hold a giveaway for her followers. The contest gives her large blogging audience a chance to win a once youth tank of their choosing. Enter and maybe you can be the lucky winner!

See the rules for the giveaway HERE!

Be sure to check out Casey's blog, she is always giving away cool things! 

Saturday, August 6

Blessed Le Strange

Once Youth has been working with an incredible band, Blessed Le Strange, for a good part of the summer. Asia and I have met with the front-men, Kita and Frankie, numerous times and we're completely in love. They have a fantastic sound, much different from any type of rock. They call their music "voodoo rock" which is the perfect description of their mesmerizing sound. Asia and I are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with them and create their entire look/wardrobe. We're taking on a huge job that it so important and will completely define the way people see the band. Blessed Le Strange will be know as dark, mysterious, native, with a highly elevated sense of style. The once youth team has some insane stuff planned so stay tuned and be sure to check out Blessed Le Strange.

Working Summer

This summer has gone by so quickly it's unbelievable. It actually doesn't feel like I even got a summer. Asia and I have put in so many hours of work every single day. It's fun, but exhausting. We go to Starbucks quite often to get chai and green tea frappuccinos (our beverages of choice) to help us work. We're able to make so much progress when we're down there. We've been working on getting the once youth name out there, our website, and some fantastic new designs. Our next collection is going to be killer... but that's all I can tell you at the moment. It's been a busy summer for Asia and I, just the way we like it.

Thursday, August 4



 Asia and I were so thrilled when we saw an incredible blog post by Kristina Bazan. She's a very successful fashion icon and the proud owner of a blog called KAYTURE. We shipped her tank about a month ago all the way to Switzerland, and we're relieved it got there safe and sound. Anyways she rocked the shark cross tank with a more sophisticated twist. She definitely proved that you can wear a once youth tank for any occasion. Not only for the beach or going out shopping, but to a dinner party or any formal event. We're officially fans of Kristina Bazan (Kayture) for her poise, elegance and amazing blog. A big thanks from the once youth team!

Check out her Once Youth blog post HERE.

 photos by: james vyn

Wednesday, August 3


The once youth crew is back from an awesome 2 day camping trip in Malibu State Creek Park! Although we were only there for two days it was beyond fun. Asia and I wanted to bring our team to the wild for some good old bonding time. As soon as everyone arrived we set out for the mountains. We went on a 3 hour hike over massive rocks trying to find a hidden waterfall. We had to cross a few watering holes which was quite difficult with a fully loaded camera bag on my head.  Anyways when we got there the waterfall was all dried up.......At least we had a few laughs on the way and we got to enjoy each others company. When we got back we roasted smores and played cards. Also Asia got stung by a bee..ha! We all really had a great time hanging out and planning our next steps for this company. For our next trip we'll definitely be out of LA for more than two days!!

Monday, August 1

once youth dot com

It's been a grueling couple of days for Asia and I. We've been working non stop trying to revamp our website. There's nothing more fun than writing computer code for hours on end, especially when you have to do it yourself. Luckily Asia is a computer science major so this type of tech stuff is easier for her. None the less coding is incredible difficult and confusing. The site is still going through a few changes as we try to add more color and pictures. Also we took inventory again and all of the tanks are very close to being sold out. Purchase your once youth tank while supplies last!