Monday, November 7

Grieves & Budo

Last week I got the chance to meet rap/hip hop guru Benjamin Laub, aka GRIEVES, in Santa Barbara! Bobby and I are huge fans, so I bought tickets to see him perform while he was in town. He creates some of the most brilliant music out there. It's a little bit of rap, hip hop, jazz, and soul all rolled into one.

Grieves and his co-artist Budo had a show at Velvet Jones in SB on the 22nd of October. Oddly enough I got the dates mixed up and we actually showed up a day early! Which was a total bummer, because Bobby had work the next day. So we had to drive all the way to Los Angeles and back before the show. Luckily Evan was home so we were able to get a ton of work accomplished during our short day trip.

Finally it was time for Grieves and Budo to perform and we couldn't of have more excited. They killed the show! They are so unbelievably talented it's nuts. Velvet Jones is a smaller venue, so it made the concert feel really intimate. I could tell that the whole audience felt connected to them while they performed.It was an incredible atmosphere and I'm lucky I was able to get tickets! So glad I could go out and support one of my favorite artists!

After the show, Grieves and Budo came out to meet and greet all of their fans. We waited patiently as the last ones in line to take pictures. I gave each of them a Once Youth shirt, which they thanked me for as we exchanged hugs. Grieves even said to me, "Oh, I'll rock the shit out of that skull!"

We're keeping an eye out for Grieves in that Lace Skull and Budo in the American Blood! It was a fantastic night and one of the best concerts of my life!
xoxo Asia

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