Saturday, October 29


Once Youth's Fall Halloween $ale! All lace skull t-shirts are 35% off. Unfortunately,this does not include the lace skull tanks. Simply head to add your favorite t-shirt to the cart and hit the checkout button. From there add the discount code: halloween2011 and the 35% off will be calculated in. This sale will only last for the Halloween weekend, three days! We are still incredibly limited on all lace skull items so get them while you can!!

Wednesday, October 26


Ella, a stroll with a green beast through the bustling city of Los Angeles....

Monday, October 24

Once Youth Revisited

As Asia and I were looking through our Once Youth album (on our computer) we came across old footage from our PILOT video. We felt the urge to quickly edit together a short viral video. We couldn't let the footage go to waste! Seven months ago the pilot felt like the greatest accomplishment ever. So much has happened since then and I'm so proud of mine and Asia's hard work. This new video is just a small homage to our beginnings. 

Saturday, October 22

Once Youth WIX Store

For the past couple of weeks Asia and I have been working on this new thing called a facebook shop. This makes shopping Once Youth much easier to navigate and more convenient. Our official website,, is still running but it has been under construction for the past month while we've been working on this mini store. Now Asia and I have the time to completely redesign our website and make it more appealing. But now the world has the option to conveniently shop through facebook! You can get all of your favorite Once Youth products with the click of a button. Just head over to our new e-commerce store on facebook and get your shop on! ~ONCE YOUTH FACEBOOK~

P.S. The "checkout" button on WIX is not activated. So if you want to purchase an item from Once Youth you will have to do so from our official website. Thnx~!!

Sunday, October 16


While in Santa Barbara Asia and I shot this awsum gal, Olivia. She's the bees knees.....

Thursday, October 13

..~::*outift post*::~..

From Venice beach to Santa Monica.
The perfect once youth outfit for the laid back guy.
Knit fisherman's beanie | Once Youth shark cross t-shirt | Vintage denim vest
Harmonica | leather wallet | moleskine
Converse All-Stars | Ripped acid wash jeans | Sk8board

Saturday, October 8

Violetta E.

It girl Violetta E. looks beyond killer in the new Once Youth lace skull t-shirt. I'm like dying inside, I can't get over it! She's the epitome of the Once Youth image. Her ghostly facial features and dramatic long black hair give her the perfect look. Plus her choice of make-up and accessories add to her overall aesthetic. Her entire outfit is sublime. And the thing is it's not even a hard look to get. All you need is some pants, boots, accessories, great hair, and a once youth shirt! But having all those pieces on Violetta is what really makes her look so brilliant. See her full blog post HERE.
♥ Big love Violetta from us at Once Youth! ♥

P.S. We apologize for our website being so messed up for the past couple of weeks. Our website host changed the coding so it's taking us a while to figure everything out. Hopefully all will be fixed soon.

P.P.S. There is only one black lace skull tank left! It is a size medium. Act fast, we will most likely NOT restock!  SOLD!

Thursday, October 6

Any Questions?

Dear All,
        Asia and I feel like we don't converse with our readers enough. We would love it if you guys sent us an email or asked us some questions! We're nice people, don't be afraid to talk to us! Whether if it's just a friendly hello, a question about once youth, a question about Asia & I, or a modeling inquiry we'd love to talk to you. Our email is ONCEYOUTH@YAHOO.COM. And if you're on tumblr drop us a question in our ask box HERE (feel free to do so anonymously if it makes you more comfortable!) 
Much Love,
A & E

Tuesday, October 4


While in Santa Barbara Asia and I kept pretty busy.
We shot a couple friends, the first being Sterling....