Wednesday, March 30

Once Youth & Veloce Hats

Once Youth and our good friends from Veloce Hats have decided to do a collaboration video. We have a couple of weeks to find models, props, and to get everything ready for shooting. We're super excited to shoot our tanks and his hats on some pretty good looking people. This is going to be a really big production with a film crew and two photographers so we have to get everything right...

Sunday, March 27

Good Vibes

The Good Vibes festival in Santa Barbara was a success! We sold lots of tanks to a huge quantity of festival goers. Everyone seemed to be very excited about our company and designs. Although we didn't eat for 6 hours it was a big success. Thanks to everyone that was at Good Vibes!

Monday, March 14

Our First Booth

We have just received great news that we're gonna be able to have a vending booth at the Good Vibes Festival in Santa Barbara. The festival is in a week and a half so we've got a lot of work to do in terms of production. We have to make at least 20 tanks of each designs to sell at our booth. There has to be enough merchandise for this huge event on March 26. Wish us luck!

Sunday, March 13

once youth // Pilot

It's officially up! We spent two grueling nights editing while listening to Lykke Li and drinking chai tea. We used amazing music by Evenings and we're so happy about the final product. We hope you love the tanks and the video! Check It: once youth // Pilot

Friday, March 11

Promo Video

Today we shot our very first promotional video! We got our good friend Bekka Gunther to model for us while Evan shot it. We showcased our first 3designs and they looked incredible. We're going to stay up all night and edit as much as we can. It was a really great experience for us and we can't wait for the final product!

Thursday, March 10

Sample Tanks

We've been working incredibly hard and have gone downtown every other day to get our final product. We've made our screens for printing and we have our plain tanks. We brought everything to our printers and we finally have our first samples! There are a few kinks but we're ready to start taking pictures and making videos. They look very very good and we can't wait to introduce them to the world. ONCE YOUTH.