Wednesday, November 2

Happy Halloween

It always seems like October goes by so fast! Halloween came and went before I even noticed. I wasn't even able to put up my Halloween decorations. Although, me and a couple of friends managed to make time for some good old fashioned pumpkin carvings. In my opinion we created some pretty nifty pumpkins!!

 Early Monday morning I shot pumpkins in archery class. It was loads of fun and at the end my professor said I could take the extras home! Bobby and I carved our pumpkins on the patio deck while sipping apple cider. I carved a pumpkin with the Once Youth logo because it's AWESOME! And yes, I know it looks beautiful!
As it got later in the day my cousin, Bethany, and her boyfriend carved their own pumpkins. We all loved carving pumpkins and the most delicious cider. I think it was one of the best Halloweens yet. Here's a family portrait of our Once Youth Pumpkin Family! 
Happy belated Halloween. xoxo Asia

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