Once Youth is a clothing brand that embodies the style and culture of today's youth. Its main message is seize every opportunity and live life to its fullest, You're never to young to make your mark in this world. It gives kids the freedom to express themselves in new creative ways, through fashion. The journey of Once Youth began in January of 2011 with founders Asia and Evan Hall. It began as a dream and became the adventure of a lifetime.

Once Youth is based and manufactured locally in Los Angeles, California. Each piece is cut and sewn individually to produce the highest quality one of a kind tanks. The designs are all originally drawn by Asia Hall and are all protected under the copyright laws. We generate our unique concepts by drawing inspiration from the world around us and what's appealing to today's youth.

What is it about this company that is so different? Besides the fact that it's solely run by a 22 and 17 year old, Once Youth definitely has its positives. All of our designs are created by Asia and I, and later down the line Asia proceeds to draw them. They're all hand drawn and either printed on a t-shirt or our signature tank. There is no other tank with the exact same cut as ours, it's one of a kind. We put in so much effort to make sure each piece is perfect. Those who wear Once Youth definitely make a statement in the way they dress.

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A little back story about Asia and I. We're best friends, we're in it together. Asia and I have wanted to have our own clothing line since we were quite young. I think I was about eleven and she was sixteen. Looking back it was a good thing we didn't put any money into it! We get along most of the time, but running a company with your sibling definitely adds some extra stress. We both have our strengths and weaknesses. There are always those thing I'm unable to do such as computer coding which Asia always does. There's always things Asia's unable to do such as take good photographs (ha! she's aight) which I always do. We form the perfect balance and are always able to get the job done. We also feed off of each others creativity to come up with the best ideas possible. It's really a team effort and I don't know how far I'd be if I had to do this all on my own. She's always got my back and I've always got hers.

As for me, I'm Evan. Co- founder and designer of Once Youth. I'm now seventeen and  currently a senior in high school. It's kinda tough balancing a company and AP classes at the same time, but I seem to manage. I think you'll get to know a lot about me by reading this blog.

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