Monday, January 31

Fabric & Jesus

Today we had our first meeting downtown with our fabric suppliers. Picking and choosing fabrics is more difficult than it seems. The quality of the fabric can really change the shape/feel of a tank. We met with Jesus our new go-to guy. His business takes care of the cutting and sewing and gives us back a fresh new tank! So these tanks are not average. They have their own pattern and fabric. They are hand cut and sewn individually. Bottom line they aren't blanks, we aren't buying in bulk from some big company. onceyouth.

Saturday, January 15

Designs & Co.

Asia and I have been working on tons of new designs. I've come up with many of the ideas and Asia has started drawing them. They're coming out really great and we're both very pleased. They really represent who we are, our style, our personalities, and our beliefs. The fact that they're mostly going to be tanks makes them even more like us. Our brand will be targeted to those who are very fashion forward and willing to step out of their comfort zones. Eventually we will start making other things besides tanks like pants, jackets, button-ups, etc. First, we have to establish our brand and get the name out there which we know will take time. Once Youth is on it's way.

Saturday, January 1

The Birth of Once Youth

It's the NEW YEAR, 2011! My brother and I have recently been thinking about starting a new clothing company together... and what better way to start then with the brand new year?! We've decided to keep an online diary for our friends and all who are interested to follow us as we start our new adventure! The name of our baby is Once Youth. The concept behind the name is that we are only young once and should seize every moment and opportunity that is placed before us. January 1, 2011 Once Youth is born.