Saturday, December 31

End of 2011

This is our final blog post of 2011. It has been a truly amazing first year. Asia and I have accomplished so much more than we anticipated. Thank you to all who have continued to follow us, the support is greatly appreciated. It's so nice knowing there are people out there cheering on two kids that wanted to make a difference in the world and start their own clothing company. Thank you to those who have purchase this collection. Your money has been invested into us, to continue this project and to continue releasing newer and better clothes. All we can really say is thank you. You have no idea how much your support means to us. Get ready for 2012, you're in for a treat!
Till next year! ~Asia & Evan Hall

Thursday, December 29


This was the perfect way to start off winter break.
A trek through the mountain in search of the perfect photos with Codi....

Friday, December 23

..~::*outift post*::~..

Thrifted Denim Vest | DIY American Blood Mid Drift | Justin Bieber Notepad
Leopard Oxford Dr. Martens | Denim Shorts | Fingerless Gloves

The Once Youth Winter Sale is still active. We've just sold out of all grey American Blood tanks, so as you can see they're really going fast. Once again, they probably won't be restocked. You have until the 31st to order, but I wouldn't wait till the last minute! We'll also be posting a new mini editorial after Christmas. It will be the last one before the new year.
We're goin' out with a bang!!
xo oy~

Monday, December 19

Winter Sale

Happy Holidays Everyone!
We were planning on having a winter sale that lasted all through December, but we've been so busy and it got pushed back. Now it's finally here! We're offering 35% off on all Once youth products. Just add code: OYWINTER to the checkout and the discount will be calculated in! The sale will go on till the end of December, the very last day of 2011. Your order should make it to you before Christmas and the end of Hannukah. We know it's cutting it close, but we'll try our best to get you your tee/tank to you on time! Our inventory has been reduced to barely nothing so these last products will be gone soon and gone forever. We're not planning on restocking any of our 2011 designs, but rather moving on and expanding as a brand. This is your last chance to get a piece of Once Youth's very first collection. We hope this discount helps! Enjoy your 2011 holidays!
~Love Once Youth


P.S. The photo above is from a new mini editorial, Codi, which will be released sometime this week!
Just something else to look forward too!!

Saturday, December 17

Winter Break

It's officially Winter Break for Asia and I. Finally we no longer have to worry about school. We get to focus all of our energy into Once Youth for these next three weeks. We've got a lot in store for you all. Tons of new photoshoots, blog posts, sales, and of course our new collection! Although our collection probably won't release until February. Asia and I have to get everything ready for production this month, meaning finding fabric, making patterns, making a lookbook, and much more. It's a lot of work for the short amount of time that we have, but I'm excited. By the end of this break we'll have so much accomplished. Stay updated on the following sites!

Wednesday, December 7

Mailing List

We've finally set up our mailing system. Subscribe to the Once Youth newsletter for the latest news and upcoming sales. Get updates sent directly to your email and be the first to know what's going on. Don't worry, we won't spam your inbox but just inform you on the most important events. This way you'll be able to get that Once Youth piece you've been eying before someone else snatches it up. Seriously, join the newsletter. We'll have special deals sent only through email!


Sunday, December 4

Monterey Diary

 For Thanksgiving weekend Asia, I, and our parents headed up to Monterey. That's where my grandparent live and where my mom grew up. It's kind of like the meeting ground for our entire Chinese side of the family. We set off early Thanksgiving morning excited for the fantastic weekend to come...

Friday, December 2

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This past Sunday an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired featuring the Once Youth lace skull tank. It was on very briefly during Adrienne Maloof's charity fashion show. Even though it lasted for about 2 seconds we still felt like proud mothers! It was Once Youth's first television premiere, and I can assure you it won't be the last!!