Saturday, November 12

..~::*outift post*::~..

Canon AE-1 | Once Youth American Blood tank | Horn-rimmed tortoise Ray Bans
Ralph Lauren perfume | Wildflower guide | Vintage leather purse
Vintage equestrian boots | Native American leather belt | Vintage denim shorts

Sorry for the lack of  posts and pictures lately, Asia and I have been so incredibly busy working on our new collection and a few other things, which have to remain unnamed. We're going to start getting back into the groove of things and be really active online. I need to find some more models to shoot and Asia needs to work on whatever she works on.....hahaha! She's got the website looking much better, it's still undergoing a few changes but for the moment I think it looks great. There is a sale coming up later in the month so keep an eye out for that. And be sure to like our facebook page and follow us on twitter for the latest once youth news.
Thanks everyone. ~Evan

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