Friday, September 30

Santa Barbara Diary 9/24

Yet another stellar weekend trip to Santa Barbara.
A multitude of photos, A ton of fun, An incredible time.....

Tuesday, September 27


Mia and I traveled downtown for this particular photo shoot. We ventured through Little Tokyo and the Arts District taking pictures wherever we thought suitable. Then we settled on a roof top in Pershing Square to watch the sunset. Really sublime and a ton of fun, like always. I was hoping to get a myriad of photos, but unfortunately something always go wrong with either my camera or film. This problem has lingered for the past couple of months, all of the photos come out extremely sharp to the point where they're too grainy to use. I altered my camera some so hopefully all is well.
These are the few photographs I managed to salvage. Enjoy!
P.S. A mass of new photos coming soon. Asia and I had a beyond hectic weekend booked with shoots.
Definitely something to look forward to!

Friday, September 23

..~::*outift post*::~..

The Simpleton Punk
Once Youth classick t-shirt | spiked collar
vintage denim shorts | studded belt | T.U.K. creepers

Tuesday, September 20


Last weekend I shot one of my old middle school friends, Jerri. We wandered through a back alley for about and hour and a half looking for prime spots to shoot. We climbed on dumpsters and over brick walls, total parkour. It was definitely a treat getting to catch up and shoot with an old buddy.
See all of the photos in our facebook album oy! kids

Saturday, September 17

Low Inventory

The once youth tanks are practically gone! We've been shipping them out non stop for the past couple of weeks leaving our inventory incredibly low. If you were thinking about getting a tank/shirt you better do it quick. Our current designs will most likely NOT be re-stocked. Meaning this is it. When they're gone, they're gone. There are only a few sizes left of each shirt so if you're size is still available it's probably the last one left. Hurry and get a piece of Once Youth's first collection before it's too late!!

Thursday, September 15


Once Youth's first male blogger. Jim Dumont, a dashing young fashion icon from northern France. His style is so spot on, seriously. He has the perfect eye for vintage and contemporary fashions. His wardrobe (which I envy) consists mainly of second hand and DIY clothing. Jim wore the once youth classick t-shirt effortlessly. He combined it with a leather moto-vest over a blue and red flannel. He's just really great, I'm definitely a fan. I wish I had all of the pieces I've seen on his blog. I think I'm going to try to duplicate a studded shirt he made! Bottom line, Jim's a really fantastic blogger and we're so happy he got a once youth tee! See his entire once youth post here. And check out his simple yet brilliant blog!

Tuesday, September 13

Shoe Lust (Mens)

It's much harder finding men's shoes...

Saturday, September 10

Sequoia Diary

This past weekend Asia, I, and some friends spent labor day weekend in the Sequoia National Forest.
We ended our summer with a time full of fun and adventure....

Wednesday, September 7

Monday, September 5

End of Summer

The end is near. A couple of days and I'm back at school. It has really been a phenomenal summer. It's hard to imagine all we have accomplished in these three short months. I'm so proud of all the time and work Asia has put into this company. Along with the countless other people that have helped us this summer. There's still so much work to be done but I have to say for the time given we all really delivered. Once Youth will definitely continue to grow as a brand. Thanks to all that have helped and supported us throughout the summer! 

Sunday, September 4

..~::*outift post*::~..

A Once Youth outfit for the weekend witch.

Black bowler hat | Once Youth lace skull tank | Coach handbag
A reading book | Robert Clergerie rawhide sandals | Button-down maxi skirt
Bleeding Chanel earrings by hello drama | vintage bangle | 70's oversized sunnies

Saturday, September 3


A good friend on my mom's just had a pretty unsuccessful garage sale. She barely got any traffic so by the end of the day what I had been eying was still there. Photoshop CS3. I've needed photoshop for so long but have never been able to afford it. I mean what type of teenager has $700 to drop on a computer program?! She simply gave it to me, as a gift. So sweet! I'd taken a photoshop class a year ago and nearly forgot everything I learned. So I'm glad I get to touch up on my editing skills. Not for my film photographs, but for anything else that needs it. These are the first Once Youth banners I made. They're not that great, but they're a start.

Thursday, September 1

Fated to be Hated

The beautiful and charming Bebe Zeva rocks the American Blood tank with such ease. This is how a Once Youth tank should be worn. Bright colors, accesories, and bold. Everything is so right about this outfit, it blows my mind!! Bebe Zeva is an independent fashion blogger from Las Vegas. She is always spot on when it comes to the clothes she wears. Bebe mixes and matches different pieces to create the perfect look. She's such a style icon in the blogging community and we can see why! We're so happy she got one of our tanks, we knew she'd be able to pull it off perfectly. We absolutely love Bebe and are now followers of her great blog. Can't wait to see what she wears next!

View her entire post HERE

・゜゜・。。・゜ F  A  T  E  D  T  O  B  E  H  A  T  E  D゜・。。・゜゜・