Wednesday, October 26


Ella, a stroll with a green beast through the bustling city of Los Angeles....
Ella and I started our Sunday off with coffee in West Hollywood.We engaged in some cordial chit chat and then hit the streets. I met Ella when she attended my high school a couple of years ago. I always thought she was quite superb and while thinking of photo specimens of course she popped up. She wore the Once Youth American Blood Tank complimented by a Jeremy Scott animal scarf and boots. We set off down a back alley and shot high and low for the perfect shots. Luckily Ella was comfortable in front of the camera so I was able to get two fantastic rolls of film.

Ella quickly changed into the Once Youth Lace Skull Tank (which unfortunately is sold out) and we headed to Pan Pacific park. We took a short break in the shade from shooting in 90°+ weather. It was so great getting to know Ella since I hadn't really known her in school. She's pretty awesome, such great stories to tell and so relatable. Finally, we wrapped up the shoot on a rooftop overlooking the city. It was a riot shooting with Ella. I hope you all enjoy the photos~!

P.S. Once Youth will be having some major sales during the holiday season. Stay updated because they won't go on longer than a few days! Follow this blog, our twitter and facebook to be the first to know when a sale starts. Remember there are very few items left from our first collection, so act fast!!

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