Saturday, October 22

Once Youth WIX Store

For the past couple of weeks Asia and I have been working on this new thing called a facebook shop. This makes shopping Once Youth much easier to navigate and more convenient. Our official website,, is still running but it has been under construction for the past month while we've been working on this mini store. Now Asia and I have the time to completely redesign our website and make it more appealing. But now the world has the option to conveniently shop through facebook! You can get all of your favorite Once Youth products with the click of a button. Just head over to our new e-commerce store on facebook and get your shop on! ~ONCE YOUTH FACEBOOK~

P.S. The "checkout" button on WIX is not activated. So if you want to purchase an item from Once Youth you will have to do so from our official website. Thnx~!!

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