Saturday, October 8

Violetta E.

It girl Violetta E. looks beyond killer in the new Once Youth lace skull t-shirt. I'm like dying inside, I can't get over it! She's the epitome of the Once Youth image. Her ghostly facial features and dramatic long black hair give her the perfect look. Plus her choice of make-up and accessories add to her overall aesthetic. Her entire outfit is sublime. And the thing is it's not even a hard look to get. All you need is some pants, boots, accessories, great hair, and a once youth shirt! But having all those pieces on Violetta is what really makes her look so brilliant. See her full blog post HERE.
♥ Big love Violetta from us at Once Youth! ♥

P.S. We apologize for our website being so messed up for the past couple of weeks. Our website host changed the coding so it's taking us a while to figure everything out. Hopefully all will be fixed soon.

P.P.S. There is only one black lace skull tank left! It is a size medium. Act fast, we will most likely NOT restock!  SOLD!

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