Sunday, October 16


While in Santa Barbara Asia and I shot this awsum gal, Olivia. She's the bees knees.....

She's truly fantastic, so wonderful to work with and so sweet. She even helps spread the word about  Once Youth around the Santa Barbara area. I texted her while I was up there asking if she was available to shoot. I shot her a couple months back and thought she was so brilliant, so we definitely needed to update. Asia, Bobby, and I meandered our way up the hills of Santa Barbara on the hunt for a location Olivia had told us about. We got lost. Back and forth on the same street was such a pain, but when we finally arrived the location was beautiful. A small wasted field with a few plants overlooking downtown Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean. Olivia wore the Once Youth shark cross tank, a long black maxi skirt, and a black 'floppy' hat. It was very similar to the outfit post we constructed previously, the weekend witch. We shot, Olivia modeled, we wrapped it up, and then headed to our next location.

Olivia did a quick outfit change and we headed over to this old, preserved, abandoned house. It was pretty rad. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get inside so we just shot around the perimeter of the house. Olivia looked superb wearing the Once Youth classick tank, lolita T.U.K.s, and her beetlejuice pants! And Asia shot some really beautiful digital photographs (which will be posted at a later date). This was a stellar shoot, and I'm so glad I shot enough photos to make another mini editorial. Enjoy!

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