Wednesday, August 3


The once youth crew is back from an awesome 2 day camping trip in Malibu State Creek Park! Although we were only there for two days it was beyond fun. Asia and I wanted to bring our team to the wild for some good old bonding time. As soon as everyone arrived we set out for the mountains. We went on a 3 hour hike over massive rocks trying to find a hidden waterfall. We had to cross a few watering holes which was quite difficult with a fully loaded camera bag on my head.  Anyways when we got there the waterfall was all dried up.......At least we had a few laughs on the way and we got to enjoy each others company. When we got back we roasted smores and played cards. Also Asia got stung by a bee..ha! We all really had a great time hanging out and planning our next steps for this company. For our next trip we'll definitely be out of LA for more than two days!!

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