Friday, August 26

KITTEN the band

My good friend Chloe is the lead singer of this phenomenal band, KITTEN. She's only 16 and has managed to sign with a major record label and tour in the UK! They've already released their EP on itunes and are currently working on their next album. I'm so excited to hear their new music since I've overplayed their old stuff. Honestly, Kitten is one of my favorite bands. Chloe asked me to shoot some photos of the band hanging around their recording studio. I was honored and of course accepted. Everyone was pretty chill as I circled trying to find the perfect shots. I got 22 good frames off of a 24 exp. roll, which is pretty damn good. I think the photos really capture the mood and essence of the band. Hopefully I'll get to shoot them again for bigger and better things. Go and buy Kitten's brilliant EP Sunday School on iTunes!
once youth's american blood t-shirt
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