Wednesday, August 24

Arielle & Chantilly Noir

Late Tuesday night Asia, Dani, and I set out an unexpectedly long night photoshoot. We shot an old friend, Arielle. Her long jet black hair and big pale blue eyes made her a perfect model for Once Youth. She wore the black lace skull tank complimented by a fantastic Chantilly Noir headpiece. We planned to shoot in the Woodlawn Cemetery, but to our dismay the hole in the fence had been repaired and the grounds keeper was still awake. So we just shot in the local area around Santa Monica and eventually headed to Westwood. We ended the shoot on Sepulveda blvd. around 12:30am. A pretty exhausting shoot, but we're happy with the end results.
See the rest of the photos HERE.

 For inquiries on how to get a custom made chantilly noir headpiece email Arielle at They will also be available shortly on her online store: CHANTILLYNOIR

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