Tuesday, August 30

Remaining Summer

Asia returned to college this past weekend leaving me by my lonesome. Her boyfriend Bobby and I dropped her off at her new house in the hills of Santa Barbara. It's a pretty swanky place, three stories with a wine cellar and jacuzzi. I already know I'll be up there for a majority of my weekends! Anyways it's pretty boring around my house now. There's no one to spend hours working on the computer with. No one to watch The Hard Times of RJ Berger  till 4am with.  But I've scheduled a few photo shoots this week so hopefully they pull through. Here are a few things I plan to occupy myself with for the remaining week summer.

DIY once youth muscle shirts | movie marathons | shades/crackberry
The Scarlet Letter | paintbrushes | studs and spikes
Canon AE-1 | Photoshop CS3 | DIY spiked Dr. Martens
Since Asia's no long here and I start school in a week it might be a bit more challenging running the company. It won't be easy brainstorming about the next steps we have to take to further the company. Now I have to call her which is literally the biggest pain ever. She never answers her phone! But I'll still be able to do blog posts a couple times a week. It just sucks since Once Youth is no longer my only focus like it has been for the past 3 months. I will try my hardest to keep everything interesting and upload photos on a weekly basis. Although I have a feeling most of them will be outfit posts since they're easy! ha!

And I just want to thank everyone for taking the time to read our blog. I put a lot of time and effort into these posts and it's nice that people actually read them. I'm still trying to figure out how to get more blogger followers, but I realize not too many people have google accounts. Anyways big love everyone, you're all great! 

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