Monday, March 5

F/W 2012 Launch Party

Last Saturday Asia and I threw a launch party to debut our F/W 2012 Collection. We invited our close friends, loyal supporters, and Los Angeles Bloggers....
 We spent over a month preparing for this event. We had to send out a countless number of emails, figure out the layout of the space, finish the collection, and much more. We began setting up Saturday morning. Asia and Bobby ran a bunch up errands picking up miscellaneous supplies like ice, cups,  balloons, helium, etc.  Kitten, a phenomenal power pop band led by Chloe Chaidez, began setting up their equipment in our back room. I asked them to play our event because of their strong embodiment of our brand message, you're only young once. Chloe is only 16 and is currently pursuing her dream career. Kitten the band is signed with Atlantic Records and have already toured the US. Their doing pretty brilliantly if you ask me.

Asia, Bobby, and I continued to make everything look prefect for the party. We slaved away for hours setting up tables, chairs, lights, balloons, and out homemade step and repeat. Models arrived and Vanessa began doing their make-up. She did a prefect job, like always. Guests began to arrive and the party began. Kitten played an amazing set and then it was time to unveil the Once Youth F/W 2012 Collection. The models walked, people cheered, and the excitement rose. The collection came to life. As soon as it was over a weight lifted off of my shoulders, all of our handwork had finally paid off.

The next morning we began the cleanup. We reminisced on all of the fun we had the previous night.
The Once Youth F/W 2012 Launch Party was a success! I hope everyone who made it had as much fun as we did!!


  1. wait whose that hot girl in the red dress with brown hair?

  2. wait the black dress****