Friday, March 9

Evan's Birthday Photo Shoot Diary

I celebrated my 17th birthday this past Saturday. Asia surprised me with four of my all-time favorite things: friends, road trips, photo shoots, and of course Once Youth....
I knew something was up as soon as I saw Bobby pull up in his Astro Van. It is a prime symbol of fun, camping, and adventure.  I had no idea where we were going, but I suspected either the desert or Catalina Island. Asia invited two models, Blake and Corinne, which we met in Hollywood. We all piled in the van and then we were off to a somewhat deserted boom town in the middle of the desert. I absolutely love long car rides and 2 hours there and back was the perfect amount of time. We made a truck stop at a very small town in the middle of nowhere to get food, thrift, and take some photos.

Corinne and Blake changed into pieces from the F/W 2012 Collection and we began shooting. We wandered through the brush and Joshua trees looking for the best shots. We climbed eroded rock formations, crossed dried riverbeds, and met a biker gang. It was a pretty full day, we shot for about 5 or 6 hours in the blazing sun. It was definitely worth it though, I got some pretty great photos. Unfortunately, they won't be posted until the official release of the collection. Sorry! This is just a sneak peak of what will be available in approximately one month!

Blake and Corinne were so hilarious and fun to be around. We all jammed to Lana, Bieber, and Miley. I luvvv them! We took our final shots in the ghost town right before sunset. It was then time to head back to LA.We all ended the night with sushi in West Hollywood. I'm so glad Asia kidnapped me to the desert, it was the best surprise ever. My 17th birthday spent with the perfect people!

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