Tuesday, January 24


Skye hits the streets of North Hollywood. Underground metropolis, little suburbia...
Once Youth is beginning a new ongoing campaign called "You're Only Young Once". The campaign will feature kids that are going after their dreams and living out our motto by seizing every opportunity life throws at them. What does it really mean? You're only young once? Take it from these kids, see what they're up to. See how they're making an impact in other people's lives. See how they're living their dreams and taking advantage of their youth. Leave your mark in this world while you can, you're only young once.
Enjoy the first, Skye Townsend.

*I was only able to shoot one roll of film. So sorry there's so few pictures. I still hope you all enjoy!!
**Skye is rockin' the black Once Youth Classick Tank!

This pretty young lady is the daughter of comedian and director, Robert Townsend. Skye grew up in Santa Monica, California and at age three she discovered that she wanted to be a singer. At thirteen, Skye began posting youtube videos which got out her name and voice to the world. She has accumulated over 6 million hits and a ever-growing fan base.

Skye is in the studio 24/7 recording her new EP. She's working on getting her first record deal and there is no doubt that she'll get one! Skye draws inspiration from R&B, Rock, Pop, Folk, Electronica among other popular genres. "I hope to tell stories in my music and inspire people to listen to REAL music and stop feeding into garbage". These various music influences are what make Skye's music so innovative, unique, and refreshing.
Currently Skye is in the talks of starring in a 90's based film tributing to girl groups. She recently starred as the lead role on BET's web series 8 Days a Week about young people striving to make their dreams come true. Doesn't that concept sound familiar?! Skye hopes to accomplish all of her goals while never loosing sight of who she is and always remembering to enjoy the journey.

"Growing up in Hollywood, I realized that one must be their own team. At a young age I began discovering ways that I could make things happen for myself instead of waiting for a big break to be presented to me,” says Skye. She truly believes that today's youth needs to take hold of their own future. You can't wait around for someone else, you need to strive for your dreams even if you're young. Skye hopes to inspire others around her to live their dreams and make a difference in this world.
Check out more of Skye on her YouTube channel SKYE TOWNSEND 
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Lots of love to Skye from Once Youth