Friday, January 27

Asia's B-Day Weekend Diary

 Asia came back down to LA Friday night to celebrate her golden birthday...

We started it out with a mini adventure through the hills of Encino. There's this really awesome tunnel up by my house that we explored and took pictures in. Asia, Bobby, and I always find hidden treasures in LA. Afterwards we went on a midnight run to Yogurtland. Pistachio is by far the best flavor...
The next morning we went to a hole in the wall ramen house for brunch. We sat, we talked, and we ate. After the bill was paid we headed to our dad's studio in West Hollywood. I began blowing up balloons and decorating the space. The theme for Asia's party was gold because it was her golden birthday; on January 22 she turned 22. We slaved away at making the studio look perfect. Slowly the people started rolling in and the party began. There was beer pong and Asia got her Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots! I swear if they made my size in that shoe I would have them... It was a lot of fun getting to hang out with Asia's friends I hadn't seen in a while and I know she enjoyed catching up with her old pals. She invited people from all different times of her life; elementary friends, middle school friends, high school friends, and college friends. Just being there I was able to see what great people Asia has in her life. They're always so supportive of her and I know they're proud of everything we've been working on. I hope she had a fantastic birthday, 22 'aint that old!

*These photos were mainly taken after the party, I totally forgot to document it while it was going on!
**PS There will be one final Once Youth sale for this past collection! Stay updated!