Tuesday, January 17

Blogger Alert

We've recently had an influx of bloggers wearing Once Youth. Each one adding their own personal flair and style to their shirt. Everyone's outfit is so different and unique. It just goes to show that anyone and everyone can rock Once Youth.
Lindsey Lugrin 
Simple, Clean, Beautiful. Lindsey pulls off the Once Youth Classick Tank so effortlessly. Black skinnies and no accessories plus her delicate features and ombre hair make this look so stunning. This really is the classic way to wear a Once Youth tank. Lindsey's photos are always so breathtaking and nostalgic, I enjoy every single one of them. 
Check out her blog HERE.

Blake Jacobsen
This guy definitely knows how to dress. I applaud him on his poised, trendy, and sophisticated outfits. His photos are also very well composed and edited. He recently did two posts wearing the Once Youth Shark Cross Tank. Blake easily dresses up his Once Youth tank. Docs, T.U.K. creepers, and infinite scarves; He's at the frontier of male trends. 
Check out his blog The Style Manual.

 Violetta E.
Always so edgy. Violetta definitely has her own personal style. She's bold, daring, and cutting edge. I love her choice of wardrobe and, quite frankly, everything about her. She's posted a numerous amount of photos with her Once Youth Lace Skull T-Shirt. I think she loves it! The lace skull design was meant for Violetta! Check out her blog Violet E.

Bebe Zeva
Bebe is like a fashion chameleon. She rocks everything from preppy to punk. Her knowledge of different types of style is so spot on, and every outfit she wears is put together so well. I think the Once Youth American Blood Tank fits her perfectly. She chose excellent garments and accessories to go with her American Blood tank. 
Check out her blog FATED TO BE HATED.
I think this post, with these photos lined up, really shows what type of person would buy each shirt. Just a thought. What do you think?


  1. It does! I think I fit into lindsey's category cause I loveee the classick!

  2. the boy has too many layers on and looks constipated in the first shot but i do like the second one of him.. the zebra leggings on zeva are questionable but other then those i enjoyed the post :)

  3. super cool how there's a Once Youth tank for everyone :)