Friday, September 30

Santa Barbara Diary 9/24

Yet another stellar weekend trip to Santa Barbara.
A multitude of photos, A ton of fun, An incredible time.....

This unexpected trip to Santa Barbara began on Saturday afternoon. I got a call from Asia's boyfriend, Bobby, saying he was heading up to surprise Asia. I packed an overnight bag and we were on our way. The drive up the coast went by relatively quickly. We all met up at the Coffee Bean and got ice blends on the house thanks to our bff Vanessa! We got a little bit of work done, but for the most part we just chatted and had a good time. After, we drove to the tree house, made a fire, and discussed the massive day of shooting to come. 

The next day we got off to an early start. I awoke to the bright foliage outside of the window. Asia's house is really serene, I love it! We scheduled four photo shoots throughout the day with two hour intervals in between. The first was Sterling at 12:00. We shot in a construction zone right near the house, so it was an easy commute. He looked really great and photographed so well. It was a ton of fun and his pictures came out one of the best!

The next was Olivia, a model/friend who came to one of our open photo shoots way back in April. She took us to this really beautiful overlook of downtown Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean. We put her in two once youth looks, one of them being the weekend witch. She looked amazing. I'm glad I was able to get two rolls of fantastic photographs. And Asia did a great job shooting with the Nikon. She got a ton of  killer shots which I know are going to take me forever to edit!

We were all beyond exhausted after just two shoots. We were only halfway done. We trudged onward driving around town with nothing but a $2 coffee cake in out stomachs. By the time we got back to the house it was about 5:00. I was so reluctant to get off of the floor and pull out my camera, but I did. Third was Lauren. We tried shooting in this abandoned house that had been through a brush fire, but it didn't work out so well. Some prune yelled at us for not having authorization to be on the property. And the sun had gone behind the mountain so the lighting was completely off. I only managed to get a few pictures. Better luck next time.

We finally got a moment to rest. Vanessa brought us some scrumptious sausage pizza, our first meal of the day (at 6:00). We relaxed a bit and had a good laugh. She's honestly one of the funniest people I know, like she always gets me in the best mood! And I'm luvin' dem highliGhts. ha! Any who that pizza hit the spot. We lounged for a half an hour and then watched the Justin Bieber movie. By the time it was over I definitely felt replenished and I was ready to take some more pictures.

 The final shoot for the day. Asia and I wrapped it up with a night kids shoot of Hallie, this incredibly thin, beautiful vegan. We had some technical difficulties with the Nikon so there aren't too many digital photos. We walked the streets of downtown Santa Barbara late Sunday night. There was absolutely no activity down there, it was like a ghost town. Anyways this final shoot was an excellent way to end our short trip to Santa Barbara. I know I'll be back up very soon!

These are just simple previews to the influx of photos to come!!

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