Wednesday, April 25

Spring Break in Arizona Diary

Hey everyone, it's Asia. I should of wrote this entry a month ago, but I hate writing. Anyways a month ago I ventured to Scottsdale Arizona for Spring Break with my housemates, Rachel and Emily! Well to say the least... it was FABULOUS! 

Let's start from the beginning... We stopped at the Dinosaur park on our way through Palm Springs. There were giant dinosaur statues and crazy children running around. Emily and Rachel had stopped by the dinosaurs when they were younger so we decided to revisit old childhood memories. 
Okay so not that exciting. But! After a long 8 hour drive of blasting our favorite 90's music we arrived in Scottsdale! Rachel has a beautiful home and an amazing family. Basically we spent the entire week hanging out with her mom, dad, and younger sister Lauren. We set on a mission to find Kombucha, a delicious fermented tea with tons of health benefits. So we went on a bike ride in search of Kombucha at an organic grocery store. That night we stayed up roasting marshmallows with her dad around the fire pit until midnight.

Naturally, we went shopping and ate lots of yummy food. There was this one restaurant that Rachel's dad recommended that had prime rib burgers. The patties melt in your mouth...i promise. We scored at this massive candy store. They had my favorite candy in the world, ZOURS. I used to eat a pack of Zours everyday during English class in High School. It took me back to High School and was definitely worth the $4!  Also there were tacky mannequins wearing candied dresses. Ew...

We went on a gorgeous hike with Rachel's mom through the cacti filled hills. I had never seen terrain filled with thousands of cacti. Super cool. Every night we had family dinners around the Easter decorated table. We would talk about anything and everything and laugh for hours. We watched the Bachelor's season finale and got everyone hooked on PB's Downtown Abby.

We went to the Scottsdale museum where we saw beautiful instillations. There was one that was a room with mirrored walls from floor to ceiling filled with hanging lights that would change color every 3 seconds. We stood in the middle and took a couple of pictures, but it doesn't capture how gorgeous it was.

Rachel's parents treated us to dinner at a vegan restaurant where we watched the sunset on the patio for our last night in Arizona. The next morning we set off to Las Vegas, Nevada to spend time with Rachel's aunt and check out the night life. 

On our way we had to stop at the Hover DAYYYUMM. That was a treat especially since I had never seen it before. Rachel's great-grandparents were one of the first people to be married on the hoover dam. Super duper cool. We got to Rachel's aunt's house and it was unbelievably gorgeous. We did Vegas right and hit up some slot machines after seeing the Bellagio's fountain show to Frank Sinatra. We capped our gambling at $10 which I was able to break even. Rachel won $90 total and Emily lost her $10 to the slots. We got invited to go to the club Marquee without having to pay the entry fee. And we ran into Emily's friends from  high school so we hung out with them all night. Went to bed pretty early because the next morning it was our 6 hour drive back to Santa Barbara. 

Hooray for Spring Break and "amazing in every way" friends! 

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