Monday, April 16

Sequoia Diary III

  Spring Break in Sequoia. Asia, Evan, Mom, Dad, Bobby, and two crazy Germans....
Spring break gave me some much needed free time to finish some work, relax, and take in the joys of life. We headed up to Sequoia National Park last Thursday. This time Asia brought along two buddies, Kornelius and Jonathan. She met Korni on a mission's trip in Germany and he was traveling through America with his best friend Jonathan. Those Germans are so ridiculous! Anyways, after driving for 3 hours we just wanted to lounge around the house, so we did. The next morning we drove into the park for a beautiful hike in the high sequoias.

The Germans and I engaged in an ongoing snowball fight. I was like a ninja in the snow; running. ducking, and dodging. I think I won, but I can't be entirely sure... We arrived at Moro Rock after a trek through the sequoias and redwoods. By this time we were at about a 6,000 ft altitude. I clung to the rock as we climbed 400 stone steps. It was a long way down if you made one false move. I was so scared I was literally crawling up the path. I don't do heights, but I made it. The view was absolutely spectacular. You could see so far out into the horizon. Everything was so surreal it really put Earth into a new perspective. I highly recommend climbing this unearthly granite dome if you ever visit Sequoia.

The next morning we took it easy. We went on a simple hike in the foothills of the mountain. We meandered our way through the trees and wild flowers. Sequoia is always the prettiest during springtime. There's an essence and aroma of new life. You always stumble across something new and exciting. We spent the remainder of our trip exploring new territory, relaxing in the sauna, roasting smores, and eating the best ice cream known to man. It was an incredible way to spend the last days of my spring break.

P.S. I'd like to give credit to Asia for taking a lot of these photos. She's gettin' better and better!

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