Sunday, January 8

Sequoia Diary II

For New Years my family headed to Sequoia National Park for a weekend of relaxation. 
No internet, no phones, and no work... 

That plan didn't exactly work out too well. Even though we didn't have internet access we all managed to stress ourselves out with work. Asia and I worked on our 2012 collection; finalizing our designs, matching our swatches, and analyzing it as a whole. My dad worked on his next collection and my mom worked on the business's taxes. Even though we were constantly thinking of what work needed to be completed we enjoyed our weekend getaway.

We spent our first day exploring a small town outside of the park called Lemon Cove. The town is known for its numerous amount of antique shops and fresh produce. We went from one store to another finding little knick-knacks here and there. I got tired after the first shop...antique shopping isn't really my thing. Asia found a couple of neat trinkets though. We stopped at a local fruit stand and got some organic avocados and blood oranges. Then we headed back to the house for some self pampering and fresh fruit.

We started the next morning off pretty late. I woke up at 11 and went for a stroll down to the river. Around 3 we headed to a small house warming party for one of the town's residents. They had such a cute little modern house built for two. The walls were glass and it had a lovely patio deck overlooking the river. Asia and I got to chat with a few people and I felt really connected in the small community. Most of the people there either retired in Sequoia or were staying in their vacation home for the weekend. It was a really great time.
We headed home. Asia and I laid out all of our swatches and sketches for the collection. We got working and made sure everything was perfect. We cut and pasted pieces of fabric onto each design. We made sure the color scheme was beautiful and finally by the end of the night we put in our order of fabric. By then it was nearly 12 midnight. We reflected on what an amazing year it's been. And we gave our thanks to God.

It was our final full day in Sequoia. We needed to make the best of it. We drove 2 hours into the heart of the park. Asia and I jammed out to our Country Strong soundtrack, and in no time we got to our destination. We were at the peak of the mountain surrounded by snow and redwoods. The hike was called the Tokopah Falls Trail. Asia and I moseyed around, barely focusing on the hike. We were taking pictures everywhere and it ended up taking us about 2 hours to get to the falls. When we got there it was so beautiful. A gigantic waterfall completely frozen over. It was definitely worth the hike and it was nice getting to spend quality time with the family.

Overall the weekend was a success. We all got to relax a bit and we got some work done. A productive yet lazy weekend. Anyways now winter break is over for Asia and I. We both head back to school tomorrow. It sucks, but what can you do. At least the Once Youth 2012 collection will be complete within the next couple of weeks! Get Ready!!



  1. looks like a fabulous time. Can't wait to see the new collection!! xx

  2. Excited for the n<3ew collection! Once youth is my life!!!

  3. P.s. im obsessed with the lace skull tanks!

  4. Of course night kids too ;)

  5. I love the orange frost of your hair!

  6. Can I be a oy model??

  7. Love your style! The photos of the fruit are gorgeous. "Deadly river"? Yikes hahah.

  8. Im so proud of you evan!