Tuesday, January 3

Making the 2012 Collection

*•·.·´*`·.·• HAPPY NEW YEAR •·.·´*`·.·•*
As you all know Asia and I will be releasing our 2012 collection rather soon. We've been working tirelessly for the past couple of months. This past December was literally hell. We worked around the clock, long hours with barely any sleep. Once we crossed one thing off of our list three more tasks popped up. It's been a hectic winter break, if you'd even consider it a break. Bottom line, it's an infinite pool of work and we're nowhere near finished.

Asia and I went fabric shopping downtown in search of materials to bring our latest designs to life. Luckily, our first appointment happened to be the best one. Rows and rows of beautiful knits, prints, and rayons. We found the perfect fabric to go with our 2012 collection. Next on our list is to get buttons. We've scheduled two appointments this week in hopes to find the perfect oy buttons. When those are found we'll begin sewing our sample garments. Then hopefully all will go well and we'll be able to get the Once Youth 2012 collection out to the public!
All I can say is expect the unexpected.

Get ready y'all~


  1. im so stoked for the new collection to finally be finished!!!!

  2. So stoked! Holy canoli! Eeeeek!!!!:):):):):)