Thursday, December 29


This was the perfect way to start off winter break.
A trek through the mountain in search of the perfect photos with Codi....
Asia, Bobby, and I hit the road early Monday morning. We drove about two hours east toward Mountain High. There we met up with Codi and her boyfriend Matthew. We explored a small secluded town just south of the ski resort. We wandered the local streets shooting here and there, from the town to the mountain side. Codi wore the Once Youth classick t-shirt paired with some of our clothes and accessories. She also wore her own snow boots which completed the outfit. She modeled flawlessly and absolutely killed the shoot, in my opinion. Codi was the perfect candidate for this raw, nostalgic, winter photo shoot. I hope you all enjoy!

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See you all in the new year!
Love Asia & Evan


  1. These photos took my breathe away! Great work you guys <3

  2. absolutely gorgeous! love the scenery too.

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    xx gabi