Monday, December 19

Winter Sale

Happy Holidays Everyone!
We were planning on having a winter sale that lasted all through December, but we've been so busy and it got pushed back. Now it's finally here! We're offering 35% off on all Once youth products. Just add code: OYWINTER to the checkout and the discount will be calculated in! The sale will go on till the end of December, the very last day of 2011. Your order should make it to you before Christmas and the end of Hannukah. We know it's cutting it close, but we'll try our best to get you your tee/tank to you on time! Our inventory has been reduced to barely nothing so these last products will be gone soon and gone forever. We're not planning on restocking any of our 2011 designs, but rather moving on and expanding as a brand. This is your last chance to get a piece of Once Youth's very first collection. We hope this discount helps! Enjoy your 2011 holidays!
~Love Once Youth


P.S. The photo above is from a new mini editorial, Codi, which will be released sometime this week!
Just something else to look forward too!!

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