Wednesday, September 12

New York Diary

My amazing adventure in New York City. Sightseeing, college tours, and New York Fashion Week!

I flew out of LAX late Tuesday night and awoke in the suburbs of New York. My dad and I were picked up and immediately taken to our hotel. It was raining and fog filled the air. The humidity was about 65% and it was not pleasant... at all. We settled down for a few minutes and then headed to my first college tour, Parsons The New School for Design. Their twelve story campus is located in the lower west side, one of my favorite parts of Manhattan. The school offers a really great photography program which I may decide to enroll in, but this was only my first tour. I had four more to go! 

By this time it was only 11 o'clock am...I still had a full day ahead of me. I explored the streets of the upper east side while my dad conducted a model fitting at our hotel. I walked along Lexington, 57th, and 5th street peering through shop windows and glancing at people's outfits. I soaked up this experience by taking time to sit and reflect on where I was and what I was doing there. I was in school less that 8 hours ago and now I was walking the streets of New York City. 

That night my father and I headed to a Harlem's Fashion Row dinner event. The venue was underground, dimly lit, and filled with some of the most important Africa Americans in the fashion industry. I met tons of influential bloggers, magazine editors, stylists, and fashion designers. It was an amazing time filled with laughter and good food. Afterwards we walked to Time Square. Tourists were everywhere and technically I was a tourist so I felt right at home. This was the perfect way to end my first day in New York.
The next morning I took a tour of NYU. Their scattered campus and student life seemed to be a bit overwhelming at first, but I soon grew very fond of it. It was like the students were a part of the city and the city was a part of the students. NYU's Tisch School for the Arts had an amazing photography program as well. The program was small but I could feel a great sense of community on that 9th floor.

From there I hopped on the subway towards uptown. I walked down Lexington past many landmarks such as the Empire State Building and  arrived at the Grand Central Station. I boarded a north bound train to Bronxville to visit my LA bff, Dana. She convinced my to tour her new college, Sarah Lawrence, but I was only there to see her. Overall the college wasn't my favorite but it was good seeing my main girl D-GrizZle.

As the sun went down I headed back the Manhattan. It was time for New York's Fashion Night Out. I put on my kimono and hit the streets. It was crowded but so fun. There was a performance in nearly every store front along with free goodies! I didn't have anyone to go with so I don't have any pictures of my outfit, but people were stopping to give me compliments! Twas fun, but next time someone really needs to join me.
By the time morning rolled around I was not down for my last two college tours. I had to wake up at 6 am in order to make my Pratt appointment at 8 o'clock. The school was nice because it had an actual campus, but I didn't like the fact that it wasn't in Manhattan. Pratt isn't my top choice, but I will definitely apply. 

I guess we saved the best for last. Cooper Union, a full scholarship art school in the heart of the Lower East Side. Everything about it seemed like a dream. They had beautiful modern buildings that filtered in tons natural light. The classrooms were pristine and every student had an enormous workspace. It is a place where an artist can simply work and explore the deepest parts of their mind.

I took a train to Harlem and reconnected with my cousins who moved from LA to NY two years ago. It was great catching up and seeing how much everyone had grown. We all headed to my dad's runway show on the Upper East Side. He was the closing designer for Harlem's Fashion Row's 2012 Runway Event and definitely deserved that spot. He stole the show! It was great seeing his hard work pay off. I was lucky I could travel to New York to see my dad showcase at New York Fashion Week 2012.
It was my final day in New York. My cousin, Hunter, and I ventured to nearly every region of Manhattan. I shopped everywhere from Chinatown to Little Italy, to Soho and the East Village. It was a full day of exploring and sightseeing. 

That night my good friend Sandro launched his menswear and accessory line, Freedom Freedom, at the Thompson Hotel. It was a great party with so many amazing, young, talented artists. Supporting him on his journey was least I could do after he supported Asia and I in the British Virgin Islands. *Congrats buddy, you're line looks brilliant! I can't wait to get my hand on those matching black printed shorts and shirt!!
Although I was only in New York City for 4 full days I got so much accomplished. I discovered my top choice for college and learned how to create a perfect application. I saw many old friends and met tons of new ones. I was able to do quite a bit of shopping along with sight seeing and exploring. This trip was jam packed with all things exciting. Now I know where my future lies... New York City Baby!!
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