Friday, July 27

British Virgin Islands Diary

Asia and I were blessed with the amazing opportunity to showcase our collection in the British Virgin Islands' Summer Sizzle event. It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life...

We flew out last Tuesday at dawn. After a full day of traveling we arrived in the most beautiful place imaginable. The first day was more relaxing than anything. We explored the island town, Tortola, visited a ton of small shops, ate, and returned to the resort. Asia and I ventured around Scrub Island whilst planning for our big runway show in just two days!
The next morning Asia and I headed into town to select which models we wanted to walk in our show. We set up our collection and beautiful pairs of T.U.K. shoes. The models walked and we picked the ones that best fit our aesthetic. We paired each girl with an outfit and made sure everything was perfect for the runway. Things were running smoothly. Asia and I were so excited to showcase all of our hard work at BVI's Summer Sizzle.
The next morning we explored more of Scrub Island. We came across a private paradise. It was literally the most beautiful place I had ever seen. The water was crystal clear and there was nearly no one around. Sting rays swam next to us as we floated on our backs. We were one with nature.
It was finally the night of our show. The other designers set up their collections and everything was looking superb. Asia and I threw in some last minute additions totaling 14 looks. Make-up and hair were completed and the models changed into their first outfits. Asia and I waited patiently for Once Youth's big moment. It was time. The models quickly changed out of the previous designers' clothing and into ours. The chaos of back stage was a tad bit overwhelming, but I loved it. With the help of some lovely ladies dressed in black we were able to get everyone in their Once Youth outfits. Our music, which Asia pulled an all-nighter mixing, began to play. Our first look went down the runway. It was a truly amazing experience having something Asia and I had slaved over for months come to life. In my opinion, each piece of the collection was presented perfectly. The Once Youth duo took their time walking down the runway thanking everyone in the audience. It was a night Asia and I will never forget, our first fashion show.
Rich Kim, Once Youth, Terry Donovan, LaQuan Smith, Roger Gary, Kevan Hall
The commotion finally ended. It was our final day in the islands and we were being taken on a tour of the Virgin Gorda, the third largest of the virgin islands. By this time everyone was family. We all hung out, swam, had mini photo shoots, and ate some amazing island barbecue. The scenery was breath taking. There was no where and no one I would've preferred to be with. After parties every night and long taxi rides we had all seem to become kin. It was like one British Virgin Islands family! I already miss everyone so much. I will always treasure the amazing time we spent together.
Till next year...hopefully! xo
P.S. Photos of the runway show will be posted shortly!!

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  1. WOW its so beautiful! I can't wait to see the pictures from the runway show!

  2. Omg this is absolutely breathtaking! I'm so proud of the two of you and all you've accomplished! Much love from NorCal!! ♥♥

  3. I definitely want to check out the British Virgin Islands