Tuesday, June 5

Sequoia Diary IV

 Once Youth hits Sequoia for Memorial Day weekend! Time well spent with friends in the great outdoors...
 We left late Friday night and awoke to the rushing river and intense greenery. Everyone had arrived safely throughout the night. Asia brought along her recently graduated friends, Sarah, Meredith, and Matt. It was a leisurely sort of weekend.

Saturday, we headed up the mountain. You could smell the fresh crisp air as we climbed higher and higher. Soon we were completely surrounded by giant redwoods. We hiked to one of our all-time favorite locations, Tokopah Falls. This time it was cascading down the mountain side. (If you've been following our Sequoia Diary posts you probably saw the waterfall completely frozen over!) Throughout the hike we ran into many animals which included deer, elk, a baby brown bear, and a marmot. 

For the remainder of the trip we lounged in the foothills. We spent time by the river and around our cabin. We roasted marshmallows and spent hours in the sauna. It was an incredible weekend spent with incredible people.
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