Tuesday, May 22

Once Youth Fall / Winter 2012 Collection

The Once Youth Fall / Winter 2012 Collection is officially available for purchase! After months of tireless work and effort everything has paid off. I cannot even begin to tell you all of the setbacks we encountered while working on this collection. Good news though, Asia has completely revamped our website and I shot a handful of new campaigns. We're working vigorously to revive the company after our 4 month absence. We have some brilliant new concepts and projects coming up. For now enjoy our christian-reform inspired 2012 collection. 

I'm proud to tell you all that Asia and I have officially made the leap from a small online t-shirt company to a physical clothing company. I bet you all weren't expecting button-ups and dresses!  Once Youth is on its way to greatness. An enormous thank you to all who have supported us from the beginning! 

*The first 5 to comment on this post will receive a 30% discount code for any Once Youth product! x


  1. Oh my gosh, this new collection is AMAZING. Sucks to hear that you guys ran into some snags, but hey, the harder you work, the more it ends up meaning to you, right? <3 Glad you guys got everything figured out, and the result is mind blowing.

  2. This is awesome!! I've known Asia since high school and it is so cool to see her with a clothing company now!!

  3. I really like your new line and it's cool that you have more than shirts and tanks now! Congrats! :)

  4. Everything looks super cool. Great job guys, I can't wait to get one of the new muscle tanks!

  5. Catherine billerMay 27, 2012 at 5:45 PM

    Yess!! No. 5... I love the collection and the pink lace dress is killer. xx