Wednesday, May 30

Blake & Corinne

Blake & Corinne Editorial
  The Once Youth team traveled a couple of hours to reach the Mojave desert. We made a few stops and shot in numerous locations. We had a full day of shooting from 12 - 7. Our models, Blake and Corrine, were styled in multiple Once Youth 2012 pieces. Blake featured our Memento Mori, Unicursal, Bam Bam Polo, and Velvet Button Up tops. Corinne wore all three of our dresses; the Black Challis Fishtail, Pink Lace Fishtail, and Lasercut Collar Chemise Dress. We had an amazing team for this shoot, I'm thankful for everyone who was apart of it! Here's a small portion of our very large editorial. See the entire shoot on our new website!
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  1. they're killing it

  2. disappointed in the new collection! prefer the older one. this isn't hate its constructive criticism!