Sunday, March 25

Bad Boy Video: Behind The Scenes

Once Youth shoots a cover video for Big Bang's hit song Bad Boy. Behind the scenes of our full day of filming....
Asia heard about Big Bang's cover contest a couple of weeks ago. Her and her friend Meredith called me up and demanded that we enter. The winner of the contest gets flown out to Korea for a chance to meet Big Bang in person.We all love the band so much it seemed silly not to enter. Asia was convinced that we had a chance to win, so we began brainstorming. We decided to use their song "bad boy" so naturally we made a video featuring a bad boy.

Asia, Meredith, and I drove to Santa Monica early Saturday morning. We stopped to pick up film and iced coffees then headed to the pier. Teagan, Olivia, and Tiffany were there waiting for us. They changed into pieces from the Once Youth F/W 2012 collection and we began filming. We shot on and around the pier for a good amount of time then headed to Teagan's house for a quick lunch break.

The gang relaxed for a bit then we were off to the Pacific Coast Highway. Olivia and Riley, Tegan's brother, hopped on their motorcycle and the rest of us tried to follow...with little success. We almost died. Eventually we met up and tried filming the motorcycle scene. It was honestly so much more difficult than I expected. Sometimes we were going too fast, sometimes they were going too slow, sometimes either of us would get stuck behind a stupid car. But we managed to get great footage. Teagan took us to a graffiti wall in the Pacific Palisades where we ended our cover music video. It was a long but extremely fun day. We had an awesome crew, everyone worked so well together, and they all looked amazing. A bit thanks to the oy models Teagan, Tiffany, Olivia, and Riley. Ya'll RocKk!
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Thanks to everyone that has already voted! Hopefully Once Youth makes it to Korea!

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P.S. This is our 100th blogpost! Weeeeeeee!!! 

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