Wednesday, February 8

F/W 2012 Lookbook: Behind the Scenes

 The Once Youth F/W 2012 Collection is finally complete! Asia and I spent all of Saturday shooting our new lookbook. 
It was a stressful yet rewarding day....

We woke up early in order to prep for the shoot. When we got to the studio around 11 we immediately began unpacking our T.U.K. shoes, make-up, and of course the fall line. The layout was super nice and I'm glad we had more than enough space for everything. Asia ran a couple of errands while Dean, our friend who is a lighting expert, and I set up the backdrop and camera equipment. Our first model, Angie, arrived at 1 and Vanessa began doing her makeup. By the time she finished our second model, David, had arrived. They both put on Once Youth and David even tried on my collar... I love that thing, but I don't think he did! We got a system going so we could shoot one after the other with no hassle. Everything was going swell.
 The lookbook shoot was on; Models were changing, makeup was applied, hair was getting done, and I was shooting vigorously. Asia's friend Matt shot video while I shot stills. He's in the process of making a video of our lookbook shoot for marketing, it's gonna be awesome. We spent the entire day picking outfits for the models to wear and different accessories to add to each look. All 5 models were fantastic, they photographed so well and were such a pleasure to shoot. The day actually went by really fast. I couldn't believe some of them had been there for 5 hours... I guess time flies when you're having fun with friends!
 I just thought I would throw this in since there are no photos of me in this blogpost... hahaha! I had the camera all day so Asia couldn't snap and shots of me in action! Anyways by the end of the day we were all exhausted. One of our models, Murphy, played a self composed song titled "Imagine, on the Ukelele". Slowly, we began packing it up. I was so pleased with how the day played out. It was stressful and at times hectic, but we all managed to do a great job. Everyone contributed greatly to this shoot; if Asia and I didn't have our team this wouldn't have been possible. I can't wait for you all to see the final product. Just keep updated cause soon the Once Youth F/W 2012 Collection will be available to everyone!!

 A huge shout out to Bobby, Vanessa, Dean, Matt, Angie, David, Nick, Murphy, Twitch, and T.U.K.s!
Ya'll Rock!

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